:: Planned Shows ::

6th of August: Dragør
2th of September: Bogense
1th of October: Næstved
21 & 22  October: Middelfart

:: Results ::

2004.11   , Ljungbyhed, S: Tippie got her last CAC, BIV, NOM and BIS. She is now Champion. Fanelli got her last CACIB and is now International Champion. 

2004.11    , Vissenbjerg: Tippie got her 2. CAC but lost the BIV
2004.10.23, Odder: Tippie got her 1. CAC, NOM and got best club-cat.  
2004.10.17, Malmø: Tippie got EX1, NOM, BIS and is not JUNIOR WINNER !! 

2004.09.25+26, Brørup: Tippie got EX 1, NOM and BIS both days !  

2004.08.15, Frederikssund: Sunshine got her 2. CAC and got BIS. Tippie got EX1, but lost the nomination. 

2004.05.23, Nykøbing Sj: Sunshine got her first CAC and Tippie got EX1. Hollys little daugther - Naryschkina Ofelia, sia a got BIS 3-6. 
2004.05.09, Hårlev: Fanelli got her 2. CACIB and got BIS and Tippie did it again and got BIS 3-6 months. 
2004.04.24-25, Glostrup. Ddonny got his first CAP, Fanelli her first CACIB and Tippie got BIS with all the votes and she got best clubcat in too. 

2003.11.1-2, World Show: Ddonny HP. Ddonny and Fanelli got their prices for being on the list of the best cats in Felis Danica. Ddonny was no. 4 on the list for grown up´s. And Fanelli was no 3 on the list for kittens and youngsters 3-10 months. It was only Ddonny who was on the show. Fanelli stayed home because of pregnancy.   

2003.10.18., Roskilde: Ddonny HP. The daugther of Ddonny: Tværmose´s Holly got NOM female. The son of Ddonny: Mikado Erikatt got BOX male.  
2003.09.05, Nyborg: Ddonny CACE + NOM.                          Ddonny is now EUROPA CHAMPION
2003.08.16, Schwerin (D): Ddonny CACE + BOX
2003.08.10, Tåstrup: Ddonny CACE .
2003.07.19: Silkeborg: Ddonny CACE + best klubcat, Kiss EX1 6-10months