I am sorry for not updating my website very often.... i will try to be better :-) For now i have updatet the kittens-page. And have refreshed the page of the cats. But have inactivated the links until i have updated them.  But please send me an email if you have questions.

Varda has now kittens - born on 24.12.2008 :-) 

 New pictures of the litter. 4  - Both Varda and Pussy is just mated and its going to be very interesting what they will give :-)
 Very much has happend since last update :-) But news at the moment is 8 kittens from Signe & Sinuhe.  I got some new females, lost a couple of my "old" cats. Sinuhe is just got neutered one month ago. And quite new - i has been on shows :-) Sphinx Pussy Galore got BIS both days in Malmø in april. And Varda got BIS in Årslev in april. Tippie is now EC and is very close to the DSM and the DM title.  - Last but not least - a very nice EXO has moved in with us :-)
 Signe is getting thick and i am very exited to see what she will in this first litter. - I have just decided to sell Ram-A-Jang and keep Roa instead. 
 Another show is over and i am very proud to tell that Varda got BIV and BIS and Ram-A-Jang got NOM, but it´s okay to loose when it is to such a beautiful little lady... 
 Ram-A-Jang got BIS again on his second show while Varda was going for the first time and got BIV and NOM. Her brother Manny who lives at Sphinx Cattery was also BIV. Tippie was also there but she was vary happy about her CACE - she is still in bikini after having kittens... 
 Sinu is now Champion and the little Ram-A-Jang got BIS on his first show !
 Finally update on kitten pictures... :-)
 Now it is time for update... several things has happened over time...On the 29. of april Freyja got 4 nice kittens. Unfortunately two of them died but the 2 last ones are still going strong and is already terrorising the house. The 15. of may Tippie gave birth to 5 wrinkled kittens, der ser ud som om de er lavet af marcipan :-) De trives også og alt er i skønneste orden.  - Billeder af begge kuld kommer snarest. Desuden er der tilkommet en ny dejlig dame...en brunmasket siam Sphinx Tawny Port
Love is in the air ! Freyja is pregnant with little Sinu. I am very exited to see the first litter from him. . Tippie and Sandy is just started mating... so i will cross my fingers for the 2 ladies...
Today this fantastic beautiful red-white male came to the house. Direct from Chicago. He is Tippies new boy-friend and he is just as gourgeus in real life as on pictures! He also has the most fantastic temper...

Welcome to: Puraffection SOS Sandoval. He is owned by Frida Marklund but will live here for a while and will be on danish shows too... for more information about Sandy please take a look at Fridas homepage www.anglarnas.com


In Feburay i very suddenly lost my higest beloved EC S*Ivanthes Ddonny-Xett.... I miss him so much!
Miracle still happens ! Rexing or not :-) Tippie succeded in getting her first CACE and being BOX on a show the other day even though she is in a really bad coatcondtion. She was only beaten by the very beautiful russian blue male Silvergrey Paragon Blue Fiver owned by Allan Castberg.

 My little Sinu got BIS 6-10 - so things was much more than i had expected.


Finally updates :-) Much has happened in wintertime. Sickness in cattery did that i decided not to keep any of Tippies kitten - that was pretty much a shame because they were really beautiful. I sold them for pet and i will try to get Tippie mated again soon.

We welcome Arhantin Sinuhe to the cattery. The new stud of the house.

TIPPIE GOT KITTENS !!! 5 beautiful small curly kittens.  3 females and 2 males. For more pictures and information please look at "kittens"

Finally some updates on this page. Many tings has happened... Among many tings i have lost my wonderful Candy - we got kittens - Mille is mated and Tippie has been a showbrag and last but not least she is mated... !!!
Tippie got this weekend in Kolding BIS and best clubcat both days. She got also the title as clubcat of the year and best kitten on the list of best cats in Katteklubben. Fanelli got GIC and has now ended her show carrier and is now going to be neutered.
The show in Malmø this weekend was quite an experience ! Saturday Tippie got her CAGCIB without any problems and got immediately BIV and NOM and on Sunday she got her first EX2 ever. But in opinion it tells more about the judge that about her.... - but then we have tried that also ! :-D. Freyja was also around and got CAC and BIV both days and is now Champion.
On show in Kalundborg got Tippie BIV and is now titled as International Champion. This also means that her dad: Windseeker Flying Duchman now is DM ! Fanelli got also BIV today and ended the day with a BOX.
In Køge Tippie got BIV and best clubcat. While the little Freyja got NOM at her first show. So that was very well done ! Fanelli got to let the nomination go to Freyja and manage with the CAGCIB. :-) 
Finally some update on this homepage....many things has happened. We got a couple of new cats and one is out of breeding. I also got ready for taking Sunshine of the list of cats - she is now to find at "missed"
Tippie did it again! On show in Groningen, Holland where she got her 1. CACIB, got BIV, NOM and again BIS with all votes. Fanelli got her  CAGCIB
I was in Stockholm today to pick up out new familymember S*Ivanthes JjustforMe.  
We got very good results on the show in Marieholm, Sweden today: Tippie is now Champion, got BIV, NOM and BIS with all votes. Fanelli got herself to International Champion and got NOM too
Tippie got her 2. CAC on show in Vissenbjerg but lost the BIV to another lovely lady.
Today we had to neuter Isha :-( 
No more peace in the house... Today our new temperary stud - Sphinx Ypsiloni -also called Eigil - has moved in.. Everybody loves him already...
At the show in Odder this weekend Tippie got her first CAC. Again she got the BIV and got Nominated too. I am very proud of her - she has only been into the open class for 2 days ! She lost in the panel but later she won the battle about being best clubcat. Ddonny was with her today and now got CAP no 2.
Besides that Tippie today got the BIV she also got her BIS no 5 as kitten/6-10 and is now JUNIOR WINNER ! !
Freyja is now pregnant with a very nice black and white bicolour...
Today we lost our very lovely and fantastic Sunshine and are in great grief. It was very suddenly and totally unexpected. She has never been ill or sick before. It can not be real !!!
On the show i Brørup in Judland this weekend Sunshine became Champion and Tippie were BIS both days ! It is Tippies BIS number 4 as 3-6 / 6-10 months.   
Unfortunately Fanelli absorbed the kittens - and are now mated again....  
Today Sunshine got BIS on show in Frederissund.  
Today we had a visit from Björn and Titti Malmquist, Ddonnys breeders from Sweeden, who had a pregnant Fanelli with them. It was very nice of them to visit us. Thanks a lot :-)  
Last night we lost our much loved Calle - in big grief. Suddenly Calle got sick and died in his sleep last night. Read more at Missed
Tvaermose´s KissMeSunshine - co-owned with Lone Kryger and placed there - today got 6 very fine kittens. The proud father is Tvaermose´s Jafet. Look for more information under kittens.  
Fanelli and Tippie have shown them selves on show this weekend - where they both got BIS :o)  
At last !!! Now has our new rommate arrived - at last ! A wonderful curly little thing. Welcome to - NL*Pendragons Tip Toe. Look under Cats to se pictures and read more about her. 
Today a fine lady moved in at our house - Welcome to - Freyja Af Skjaldbreid. Look under Cats to see pictures and read more about her.

This night Fanelli got 3 very nice kittens. 2 females and 1 male. The father is Skuld Dannebrog. She gave birth without any problems at all. 3½ hours from the beginning to the end. Fanelli has often been visiting other mothers and knows how to do... she is very proud of the kittens.

Today Ddonny is been nutered and will now go together with the rest of the pack. I will love getting him into the sofa :-)

Today Sunshine got 3 very nice kittens. The mating was happened by accident when the male was on a runaway trip and met some young females... But eventhoug Sunshine is young she managed the birthgiving great and is taking good care of the babies. On the picture she has a visit from Fanelli...

Kiss has moved to a family in Farum. We hope he will behave and they will be happy about him.  

Ddonny got his last CACE today and is now EUROPA CHAMPION !!


Today Mille got 6 big and healthy kittens. The birthgiving was without problems. 1½ hour from beginning to the end. 


Today we had to say goodbye to our much loved Picot. He has for quite a long time been sick of cancer and had to surrender. We will miss him so much.


Kiss (Gunsmoke) is now nutered, because he got a little too happy about spraying. Unfortunately i didn´t manage to get kittens from him. 

Sphinx Sunshine has captured the house.

Mille is about to give birth about the 9. of August. 


We have kittens.

New pictures of Fanelli, Candy and Kiss. Also a new picture in the Gallery.

Ddonny BOX

Tværmose´s Holly was BIS in Vejle and in Bagsværd.

Tværmose´s Gunsmoke has his own page.

We are expecting kittens. Updated Plans

All our breeding cats – Ddonny, Mille, Fanelli and Candy -  have been tested for HCM on  6 February and everything was normal. 
(Not that siamese have a problem with HCM, but because my veterinar had a theme day about HCM and needed some cats to test.)

Tværmose´s Holly was BIS in Vejle and in Bagsværd.

We are waiting for a new male and we are expecting kittens.

A new picture of Ddonny in the Gallery
Ddonny has become a father in Norway at Cattery (N) Mikado. Breeder: Britt Eltervåg.

5 kittens

e. GIC Ivanthes Ddonny X-ett, SIA n
u. Mikado Ching, SIA j

Beautiful Tvaermose's Holly, SIA c
Is now living with Heide Petersen - Naryschkina.

Sire. GIC Ivanthes Ddonny X-ett, SIA n
Dam. CH Tvaermose's Enchanting Efrax, SIA b

Wee-Ko´s Gipsy Queen, SIA n21 gave birth to one big boy 08-11-2002. 
Gips is now neutered and her little kitten is doing just fine!
Added our new girl Sphinx Kissfromarose, ORI j 24 "Candy"and 
our neuterboy IP Tvaermose's Galanthus Picot, SIAn "Picot" to our Cats-page.

Some pictures of "Candy" in the Gallery.
New pictures of the Kittens.
New pictures of the Kittens.

Ddonny is now
Grand International Champion!
Congratulations! :)
We're waiting for our new breeding queen Sphinx Kiss of a Rose, ORI j 24 (lilactortiespotted) who we've bought from Kirsten Foldager, Sphinx.

More info about her will come.

"Gips" pedigree is now available.

Our Homepage is finally on the Net.

We have Kittens!