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Born 22. December 2003

Finally my wish came true... 

Now the most wonderful little tortie Cornish lady is with us. The greatest thanks to Eric Reijers for this fantastic little lady :-)

It is almost about 3 years since i decided to look for a cornish to live with me. But it was easier said than done to find some one good enough in type - and for sale too. So i started to learn about the standard of cornish and then to find out how I would like it to look. And then to look for it... the search has gone through several countries.

In the Fall Eric gave me a little hope when he called me to tell that on of his females was pregnant and there maybe could be something for me in that combination. At Christmas the hope got bigger...now he called me to say that a little tortie was born and she was promising. But i had to wait several weeks - Eric wanted to be sure that she really was good enough...so i waited and waited... 

But in the beginning of February i got the good news - the little tortie Cornish was going to be mine ! I could not wait to see her..

An finally the time came where i could get my baby. And she is really some of the most fantastic i ever could imagine. She could be together with the siamese from the first moment. Donny and Fanelli just started to purr when they saw her and she went right to them. Then there were happyness all over. And Tippie got a new family. Fanelli has adopted her and let Tippie eat with her... okay there is no milk...but there is always the feeling.. :-)

There was no problems at all to bring them to the show in Glostrup the day after i got her. They could all be in the same cage - like one big family:   


Lucky me - i was not the only one who was totally in love with little Tippie... she got Best In Show kitten with alle the votes.... so that was a really great beginning.

At home is a really piece of life. She is so happy and feeling good all the time. She has so much to do all the time, she finds everything i didnt know i had. And she plays and purrs and purrs and purrs... 

In fact i only got Tippie as a pet - mostly. But i think i need to try to get ONE litter from her. But i will try to keep my self in mind, that it is the siamese that i breed....:-D

Tippie became JUNIOR WINNER on her 7. show. And as if that was not enough. She is the first JW in the shorthair-category in Denmark. So we are very proud of her ! 

Again - i canīt thank you  enough Eric for this fantastic cat !!

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