::  EC Ivanthes Ddonny X-ett, SIA n   *IMP-SWE  ::


Born 28 February 2001

Ivanthes Ddonny-Xett – Ddonny – is bought from Björn Malmquist in Sweden. 
I thought that the combination between Ivanthes Aaloha and 
S*Alien´s Calvin Klein was very interesting and I had booked a female. But when the litter arrived it only consisted of 4 males, so then I had to find out what I wanted. I chose to buy the cat even though it was a male.... ;) and I'm truly happy for him. 
As he's grown up he's become a real male, with all that comes with it...

Ddonny has been to shows with some quite good results. As grown up male in 2002 he was number 4 on the list of the best cats in Felis Danica. Also in 2002 he was number 2. on the list of the best cats in Katteklubben and nr one on the list of DSO. 

Ddonny had to see the vet in november 2003 and is now nutered. I think it is quite a shame because he makes nice kittens indeed. But even though i did with a good feeling because i now have Fanelli and Isha.

So now Ddonny lives around all the house with us and he is very happy.


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::  CH Tværmose´s Enchanting Efrax, SIA b  ::


Born 28 April 2001

Tværmose´s Enchanting Efrax – called Mille – is a dedicated breeding queen. 
She's a very sweet and the most friendly cat, a fantastic mother and definitely not a show cat. She hates it...
I kept her because of her pedigree and she's proven to give good kittens.

 Mille is now retired from breeding...  

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:::. Sphinx Kissfromarose, ORI j 24  ::



Born  18. June 2002

Candy is lillactortietabby and by that she has one of my favorite colours. The first time i saw the colur was when i saw Sphinx Min Engel at Kirsten Foldagers. I was sold at the same time... Unfortunately there is not many so cats in this colour - so when Kirsten offered me Candy i was in 7. heaven. When Candy is in sunshine she looks like she is maked of candyfloss - so that is how she got her nickname.

I bought Candy for breeding mostly because of her colur and of course the pedigree. With Candy i surely hope to make some more lilactortietabby orientals. Or maybe mate her with a bicolour oriental could also be one of my dreams.....

Candy has such a nice temper and she is always happy temperament.  She is medium size, her eyes is neon green and she has some okay  spots. (Fx take a look under gallery)

She got her first litter in May 2003. This was with my own Ddonny as Sire, and there was 1 bluecream oriental female and a creampoint siamese male. Both of them was promising i think.  


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::  Sphinx SunshinedaySIA g21  ::


Born 1. January 2003

Sunshine is another cat from Kirsten Foldager. I was crazy about Sunshine the first time i saw her and then she was only 3 weeks old. In fact i did not think i had room for one more cat so i waited.  But after seeing her a couple of times i had to make my mind up and take her with me home. For me she is really beautiful and she almost has all the qualities i miss in my other females in breed. She is super elegant and slimline. She is very high on legs and quite long. She walks like a model on catwalk :-)

Besides that she is a beautiful cat she has this most wonderful temper. She is the most funny cat i can imagine. She purrs all the time and crawls around on you. And if she thinks that you do not talking enough with her she simply just bites you... and she don´t care were..in the hand, in the ear or nose...you just have to get on talking to her.. 

Sunshine had her first litter in november 2003 - 3 nice kittens. The mating was not planed at all but the male was on a runaway and have had fun with 3 young females - and Sunshine was the on of them. So she was in fact already pregnant when i got her in the end of July.  But that was just an extra bonus, she was so good giving birth and was such a god mum. You can see pictures of Sunshines litter under K-litter here.

At the moment i am showing Sunshine and next i will try to find her a nice male.


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::  Sphinx Calém-Xett, sia d  ::



           Born 9. august 2003

My lovely Calle is dead !!

He got an agressive cancer in his chest. He got sick the first time in the beginning of June 04, where he got a pneumonia. And in the middle of Juli he got an extreme diarrea who could not be cured. He lost a lot of weight and died in his sleep in my bed in the end of Juli. The o... showed a big tumor in the chest and there was nothing i could have done. 

Calle was born at Kirsten Foldagers and Ddonny was his father. Calle was supposed to be my replacement for Ddonny. 

I thought it was not enough just to have Fanelli and Isha from Ddonny. And when there are no males in breed from Ddonny i think that Calle was a worthy successor. 

Of course i was in love with him at the minute i saw him. Who can be able to resist his look and the straight lines. Yes he was red...but i do not bother me at all. I like the red- and creampoints a lot, especially if the are okay in the type. 

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::  IP Tværmose´s Galanthus Picot, SIA n  ::


Born 01 October 1994

Tværmose´s Galanthus Picot is from my very first litter. 
I then had a rather "old fashioned" female - the most lovable in the whole world - Elvira von ST, SIA n.

I had the idea about breeding when I bought Elvira and she was mated to Melinar Sweet Prince, SIA n. The litter consisted of 7 kittens and I kept my Picot. 

Picot was neutered when he was 2 years old and is a fantastic, very sweet neuter who loves to cuddle.

He's gained his IP-title and wont visit any more shows.
Picot has been sick from cancer for the last couple of years and we had to let him go in august 2003. We miss him so much....


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:::. CH Wee-Ko's Gipsy Queen, SIA n 21  ::



Born 28 February 1998

Wee-ko´s Gipsy Queen – also called Gips – is my first serious breedingqueen. 
She's bought from Lykke Madsen and Jørgen Andersen in Sorø.
Gips is the Queen of the Cattery - and she would never dream of given up her title even if the others claim it now and then.
Gips went to some shows when she was younger and had some very nice results.
After she gained her Champion-title she like to be shown so now she's staying at home, enjoying her place at the top of the climbing-tree.
Gips is now neutered, November 2002, and maybe she'll make another try at the showbench in the spring 2003, we'll see..


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::  Tværmose´s Gunsmoke, SIA c  ::




Born  8. of November  2002

Kiss is the last kitten from Gips and Sphinx Kissingthepink. The plan was to keep him as a male to get a litter or two and get him a now home after that. Unfortunately it did not go that way. Kiss was spraying all over so he got nutered in July. 

Now he lives at a nice family in Farum near Copenhagen. And i hope he will be happy and behave...:-)


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