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Born 3. May  2003

Isha is from Candy and Ddonny. I decided to keep her after i had been thinking quite a long time. Isha has some very good colours, super mixing all over... Her eyes is so green you almost can cut yourself on them... And furthermore she has a very nice temper. Nothing can scare her :-)

Isha is placed by my brohther because he suddenly was missing a friend to his redspotted oriental female - Sphinx Lille Solstråle - also called My. Isha has such a nice time together with My. And the plan is that she will be staying at my brothers house when she still is my cat.  

Isha is now mated with Cloud no 9 of 7th Heaven - an american import at Kirsten Foldagers. The litter are expected to come around week 43.  

Take a look at Sphinx Lille Solstråle here.


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