:::. CH Wee-Ko's Gipsy Queen, SIA n 21  ::



Born 28 February 1998

Wee-ko´s Gipsy Queen – also called Gips – is my first serious breedingqueen. 
She's bought from Lykke Madsen and Jørgen Andersen in Sorø.
Gips is the Queen of the Cattery - and she would never dream of given up her title even if the others claim it now and then.
Gips went to some shows when she was younger and had some very nice results.
After she gained her Champion-title she like to be shown so now she's staying at home, 
enjoying her place at the top of the climbing-tree.
Gips is now neutered, November 2002, and maybe she'll make another try at the showbench in the spring 2003, we'll see..


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