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Born 15. oktober 2003

Freyja is from Hildur Sigmarsdottir with the cattery name: Skjaldbreid. 

The mother of Freyja is an bicolour oriental shorhair with several Samerican cats in the pedigree. The father of Freyja is Danny (Skuld Dannebrog, ors d) wich i earlier mated Fanelli with. 

Freyja is mostly wanted for breed. She has a fine and elegant body. Super long tail, very elegant lines all over. Lovely colours and contrast, beautiful tortie mixing on the points. In fact a very nice and lovely cat...of course i could wish for more lower set ears wich was bigger at the base... but it dosnt matter that much because the rest is okay with me. 

Freyja is a real tortie lady....at heart she is a very nice and sweet girl, but she yells and talks at everyone else. But when it is over and she realize that is does not make a difference - she surrender and then she is just so sweet ... :-) She has the most fantastic temper. She is so happy and purrs and purrs. 

Freyja is planned to be mated with Eigil again in the Springtime.

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