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Born  18. June 2002

Candy is lillactortietabby and by that she has one of my favorite colours. The first time i saw the colur was when i saw Sphinx Min Engel at Kirsten Foldagers. I was sold at the same time... Unfortunately there is not many so cats in this colour - so when Kirsten offered me Candy i was in 7. heaven. When Candy is in sunshine she looks like she is maked of candyfloss - so that is how she got her nickname.

I bought Candy for breeding mostly because of her colur and of course the pedigree. With Candy i surely hope to make some more lilactortietabby orientals. Or maybe mate her with a bicolour oriental could also be one of my dreams.....

Candy has such a nice temper and she is always happy temperament.  She is medium size, her eyes is neon green and she has some okay  spots. (Fx take a look under gallery)

She got her first litter in May 2003. This was with my own Ddonny as Sire, and there was 1 bluecream oriental female and a creampoint siamese male. Both of them was promising i think.  


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